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BiotechFarmer is a moderator on Turd Flinging Monkey's matrix server. In his own words, he is “currently a farmer with a long history as an agricultural biotechnology researcher”.


- How do you find these agricultural news and sources? Do you have a preferred method or a group you follow to get new info?
BiotechFarmer: I usually just get a tip from ice age farmer or adapt 2030 news coverage, then go hunting for verification myself. Some of the more “secretive” information I get directly from my farmer network and connections around different labs.

- How did you end up in TFM-land?
BiotechFarmer: I found tfm while looking up retirement financial advice and saw his monkeynomics series.

- Do you ever sleep?
BiotechFarmer: I was part of a light duration experiment decades ago that severely messed with my bodies ability to block sleep.

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