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 ====== The TFM Show ====== ====== The TFM Show ======
-----+**The TFM Show** is a weekly podcast presented by [[user:tfmonkey|Turd Flinging Monkey]], together with [[user:celestina|Celestina]], [[user:aeroshogun|Aeroshogun]], [[user:kuroi|Kuroi]], [[user:halsey|Halsey English]], and [[user:george|HD George Takei]]. 
 +The live stream starts every Saturday at 7:00PM PST | 10:00PM EST | 4:00AM CET (Sunday) 
 +===== Guests ===== 
 +Over the time, various guests have made their appearance on the show, most notably [[user:phil|Phil Bass (The Doll House)]], [[user:colttaine|Colttaine]] and [[user:hhh|Happy Humble Hermit]].  
 +===== Giveaways ===== 
 +Listeners have the chance to win giveaways during the podcast, if they are in the Matrix server. Latest giveaways have been won by: 
 +  * lumpyman514: Total War Rome Remastered on Steam 
 +  * jojogum: Aarkland: Legacy (Tactical RPG Game) 
 +  * octalobserver: Spinning Robot Pussy 
 +  * sypher: Styx: Master of Shadows 
 +  * jojogum: Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter 
 +  * storme999: Spinning Robot Pussy, sponsored by [[user:halsey|Halsey English]] 
 +  * leansteak: Spinning Robot Pussy, sponsored by [[|Revy Innovations]] 
 +  * leansteak: Follow-Me Eyes, sponsored by [[|Revy Innovations]] 
 +===== List of recent shows ===== 
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