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Monkeynomics 101: Investing

This is the entire 2015 Monkeynomics 101 Investing Series by Turd Flinging Monkey pertaining to investments in a single video! Some things were cut (like the intros between videos) in order to make it all fit within 2 hours and 10 minutes.


Every video is linked to one single unique video on Odysee, but every topic has a different timestamp in the embedded syntax. In some cases this does not work properly due to Odysee not being able to handle the timestamp formatting correctly. We are looking into it, but if the videos fail to play at their proper timestamp, please just skip to the given time code.

Becoming the 1%

Time code : 00:00:05

Becoming the 1%, Time Value of Money (TVM), and the Rule of 72 US Global Investors: What Does It Take to Be in the Top 1 Percent? Not As Much As You Think …

Financial Samurai: Who Are The Top 1% Income Earners?

U.S. Median Income

Average Single Person Living Expenses

Tax Calculator

Bloomberg Retirement Calculator

Debt Management and Bankruptcy

Career Planning, College, and Capital Budgeting

Time code : 00:23:08

Free IT certification prep-materials at Thanks to MGTOW Bachelor for the link. Free Online Courses with Certificates:

Where Did You Go to College? Employers Don't Care

Online Schools and Colleges: California

Business Insider: Duke Grad Student Secretly Lived In a Van To Escape Loan Debt

The 15 Most Profitable Industries

Capital Budget Calculator

Retirement Planning

Asset Diversification

Time code : 00:53:32

Market Cycles, Emotional Investing, and Risk Tolerance

Time code : 01:15:53

Warren Buffett Story Source

Getting Started with Investing

Time code : 01:26:39

Constructing a Portfolio

Time code : 01:40:21

Wall Street Journal: The Average Stock Price Is Expensive; Get Used to It

Investopedia: Beta

Google Finance: S&P500 Index

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