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Spinning Robots Pussy

What is Spinning Robots Pussy?

Spinning Robots Pussy (SpRoPu) is a masturbation device primarily designed for use by men.

The month of SpRoPu is celebrated every year in December.

Where can I buy Spinning Robots Pussy?

The doll-insertable spinning robot pussy can be bought from Revy Innovation

Doll-insertable Spinning Robot Pussy


TFM: That toy, holy shit. It made me cum so hard I almost pulled an ab muscle, and it took less than 10 seconds! What RPM motor did you use because it feels a lot more powerful than the SRPs I'm used to which use a 400 RPM motor. That was hands-down the best toy I've ever used. I wonder where they came up with 400 RPM then, either way I can tell this is better, and I wouldn't make it any faster honestly. It's plenty good as is. I would probably pass out if it was any faster.

Echo: Pros have been simulation is very good, battery life is great, the app works, and it's not as loud as I thought it'd be. Cons are needing to relube at least once (for me) before achieving climax (Mostly using it at higher speeds uses up the lube and just need more), using with hands is definitely not as satisfying as mounting it to fuck.

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