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The Bunker: Grand Solar Minimum

The star at the center of our solar system has a cycle of activity where it creates more nuclear reaction, or less. This process is identified by the number of sunspots, areas of low temperature but high magnetic charge, that appear on the outer layer. When the sun is at high activity, known as a solar maximum, the magnetic field and solar wind stabilize the climate of the earth. This leads to lower cloud cover, more light penetration, tighter jet streams in the upper atmosphere, and geological stability. In periods of low activity, known as a solar minimum, there is less magnetic shielding, less solar wind, more variation in the jet stream path, and potential of more tectonic shifts. The normal solar cycles occur on a 11-14 year, easily mapped wave. This is where the weather phenomena known as El Nino and La Nina in America come from.

On top of these cycles, there is a grand cycle every 400 or so years. A grand cycle is when a consecutive number of normal cycles are increasing or decreasing. During a grand solar maximum, the number of observed, long lasting sunspots increase each 11 year cycle until you reach a maximum count in the thousands. Solar maximum have extremely strong magnetic fields, and constant stream of high speed solar winds that prevent any cloud coverage, no variation in temperature even in alternating seasons, and an increase in temperature globally of 2°C per 100 years. This is how the great deserts around the world get formed, tundras melt and turn into tropical lands, no snow or ice, but a lot of long lasting periodic droughts, extreme wild fires, and dustcanes (hurricanes made from dust storms).

In a grand solar minimum, the reverse happens. With a low magnetic field, space particulates are able to be pulled towards the earth. Cosmic radiation and high negatively charged particulates saturate the upper stratosphere creating large cloud and rain events. Deserts begin to shrink as there is more annual rainfall every year, but also a gradual decrease in global temperature as the reserve heat of the ocean dissipates. The destabilization of the upper atmosphere allows the jetstream to mix the air from the poles with the equator, which creates a lot of stronger weather events such as bomb cyclones, more tornado activity in previously safe regions, sudden chill events out of season, and atmosphere compression events. As cosmic radiation continues to increase saturation, it hits the mantle stimulating tectonic shifts.

These are known and documented, cause-effect phenomena that almost anyone who studies climate, astronomy, history, geology, anthropology, etc. agree on.

The disagreement comes from the WHY this event happens and HOW it is triggered on such a routine cycle. Theories range from the electro universe hypothesis, Berklin currents, plasma “heart beat”, primer field theory, etc.

On social media, and video media, there are many personalities who take these theories as gospel and build entire communities around them, but there are also those who reject these overinflated projections unless verified with data and experimentation.


Oscillations of the baseline of solar magnetic field and solar irradiance on a millennial timescale
(The redaction is mostly because of political pressure, and 1 minor number calculation error)

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Thanks to BiotechFarmer for his contribution to this section.

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