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⁣Matrix Server: Monkey Business

Do not use accounts!

Do not register or use a account! These accounts are the most likely to be censored, and your IP related personal information will be on record for a minimum of 7 years!
Find alternative servers below

“Hey glowie, you picked one of the best servers to fuck around. The hard rules: No loli, no furry, no “its da jooooz” (because its retarded), no nazi (because its retarded), and no insurrections. We talk about the truth and shit and enjoy calling each other n1ggers, ch1nks, n1ps, yanks, brit and doll fuckers. Also we talk about self sufficiency, meditation and conscience a lot. If I was your superior I would burn you for heresy for even having the knowledge of this server, so take care.”
- lone_hamster, 2022


Unless you are well versed in IT related topics, please read the following documents:

We recommend the following servers for creating a new account:

Server Registration link Server limit reached, closed for new registrations.
This is joe's site
Nerds in space

Local Client Software

Although all matrix servers in the fediverse1) have a web based client, there are a large amount of software clients available if one prefferes it. The most popular applications are given below, but more options can be found after a simple search on the web.

Application Platform Website
Element Windows / Linux / iOS / Android
FluffyChat Linux / iOS/ Android


The Fediverse is an ensemble of federated (i.e. interconnected) servers that are used for web publishing and file hosting, but which, while independently hosted, can communicate with each other. (Wikipedia)
This is also the default community link, i.e.
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